Escapee charged with armed robbery captured after a year

Mazuc Rubiang

MADANG police have arrested a man who escaped from Beon Jail in Madang in 2019.
According to Correctional Services officers, the man was a remandee who was at the prison for his alleged involvement in an armed robbery in Madang.
Madang police commander Supt Mazuc Rubiang said he had been formally charged with escaping from lawful custody and was now detained at Jomba Police Station.
Supt Rubiang said man was identified as Juilus Yaburu of Giri village, Bogia in Madang.
He said the suspect also used a false name ‘Jack Murkas’ when apprehended by police over the weekend.
Upon investigation by the police and Correctional Service officers it was confirmed that he was Yaburu.
Supt Rubiang said he was arrested
and charged for armed robbery at
Jia Jiale Service Station at LBC in Madang.
“I also want to warn the public in Madang and other neighbouring provinces that the prisoners who escaped earlier this month from Beon are still on the run,” he said.
Supt Rubiang urged parents and those who know the whereabouts of the escapees to report them to police.
He said they were wanted criminals who had committed serious offences when they were arrested and needed to be behind bars.