Escapees’ driver appears in court

National, Normal

THE man who drove alleged bank robber William Kapris and 11 other high-risk prisoners out of the Bomana Correctional Service’s Maximum Security Unit (MSU) on Jan 12 appeared briefly before the Waigani Committal Court on Wednesday.
Henry Henz Patrick, 30, from Kinenbogu village in Kubalia, East Sepik province, appeared from police custody before District Court magistrate Fred Tomo.
Police prosecutor Philip Kaupa read out the charges against him and magistrate Tomo advised the accused that the court would not entertain the issue of bail, due to the severity of the case.
The police charged Patrick on Tuesday with aiding prisoners to escape from CS custody in contravention of section 138 (a) (b) of the PNG Criminal Code Act chapter 262.
The police alleged that Patrick aided the 12 prisoners namely, William Kapis Nanua, John Siko Wel, Raphael Walimini Yaukwa Unepi, Peter Plesman, Kato Aso, Elijah Paul Tinga Kapis, Ben Nom Toy Apet, Don Aka, Dua Korua Iretoko, Greg Wawar, James Pari Bomai and Oliver Benny Gabi (who has since been recaptured)then prisoners in lawful custody, to escape from the maximum security unit at Bomana jail.