Escapees back behind bars


Twenty-four prisioners who escaped from Kerevat Jail in East New Britain on Dec 22 have been recaptured, according to a senior Correctional Services official.
New Guinea Islands assistant commissioner Philip Eka said that the 24 were among the 39 who escaped.
Of the 24 recaptured, 12 were remandees and 12 were convicted prisoners.
Eka said 16 of them surrendered either voluntarily or through the support of their communities, while eight were recaptured by police.
Fifteen are still at large.
“The current joint operations now still continuing with the full support of the East New Britain administration,” Eka said.
“It is very encouraging for the provincial authorities and stakeholders to come in to support the recapture process.”
Eka said internal investigations conducted by the Kerevat management had been completed.
He said for the main investigation team from Port Moresby was awaiting finance to travel to Kerevat.

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