Escapees terrorise Laiagam villagers

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VILLAGERS believe some escapees from Baisu are going around terrorising villagers at Laip Head Wara in Laiagam district, Enga province.
At Tsak Valley, Wapenamanda district, two tribes are building up arms to fight and tension is very high after a remandee charged with wilful murder escaped last Tuesday with 81 remandees and two prisoners.
Acting provincial police commander Chief Insp Martin Lakari expressed grave concern yesterday from Wabag.
According to reports he received, some hardcore criminals from Laip Head Wara, who escaped from Baisu jail, went to the village on Sunday to terrorise villagers.
Chief Insp Lakari said the villagers were now living in fear.
He said members of a Tsak Valley tribe were unhappy a man accused of killing one of theirs was free again.
He said many of the remandees who escaped were from Enga.
He said he sent his officer-in-charge of prosecution and a criminal investigation officer to Baisu to get the exact number of remandees from Enga that escaped but the CS officers were reluctant to give them details.