ESP police praised for job well done

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The National, Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Police in Wewak, East Sepik, have been commended for a successful Easter operation which bagged home brew implements, drugs and firearms.
Provincial police commander Vincent Pokas said awareness carried out by his men, including auxiliaries, paved the way for the surrender of the illegal items by youths from settlements in Wewak.
The homebrew implements and firearms were voluntarily surrendered by youths from the settlements while a bag containing 12 large parcels of drugs were confiscated at the Wewak wharf last Saturday.
An auxiliary officer who confiscated the drug said the bag was left unattended at the wharf area when its owner saw police and walked out with other passengers who arrived on a ship from Madang.
Police made more than 10 arrests for drunk and disorderly behaviour, two arrests for a break-in and stealing and the recent killing of a youth from the Bronze compound.
A fatal road accident at Sawarin on Monday afternoon was reported to police yesterday.
Pokas said two Works vehicle collided when the one in front took a brake at a pothole.
The impact of the collision saw one vehicle veer to the side, knocking down a female pedestrian.
She was rushed to the Wewak General Hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.
The driver of the vehicle that caused the death had been arrested while his colleague who sustained injuries was recovering at the Wewak General Hospital.