ESP reviving nursing school for new intake


THE Boram School of Nursing in East Sepik will be taking in the first lot of students from next year, East Sepik health authority acting chief executive Mark Mauludu says.
He said 40 students have been picked to begin classes.
“A contract has also been awarded for the renovation of a two-storey building,” Mauludu said.
“Once work is completed, it will be converted into three classrooms, library, computer laboratory and an office for the teaching staff and principal.
“The school will be at the hospital premises.
“Once that is completed and if some funding is still available, we will be looking at some of the other facilities to be built, especially dormitories for students, mess facilities, meeting hall and staff accommodation.
“Gradually, we will be looking at those things to be put up provided that we have funding.
“We’re pretty sure that the government has now realised that we have now started the school of nursing.
“In the next couple of years, we will have support in terms of funding.
“Most probably in the next three to four years, we should have everything done.
“The programme is a three year-programme – it’s a diploma programme.
“By February-March, we will have the first enrolment.
“Our priority is the classroom. By January, the classroom should be completed.
“We have already done shortlisting for the students, 40 students have been identified and ready for classes.”
Mauludu said the first batch will be students from within the Wewak area or those who can afford accommodation.
“If we have people from outside, they will have to find their own accommodation,” Mauludu said.
“Our first intake for next year will be all day-students because we don’t have accommodation to keep students in the school.
“Funding for the school will be from national government.”

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