Estelle loves to make you beautiful

Her Bilas Studio provides hair and barber service in Port Moresby
Some of her hair styles.

ESTELLE Walters loves to make people beautiful. She is a makeup artist by profession and owns the Bilas Studio hair and barber service in Port Moresby. Estelle, 30, is the youngest in a family of four – three girls and a boy – born to parents Joseph and Margret Walters from Kwain village in West Yangoru, East Sepik. She started her education in PNG supported by her parents, before she received an offer to study in China sponsored by the Chinese government. She graduated with a Bachelor in Psychology degree from the Tianjin University in China. She also studied Chinese language proficiency and received a certificate from the Central University. She returned home and started looking for a job. A thought came to her to start her own business in something she has always been passionate about – the beauty and style business. Her family was right behind her all the way. She registered her business with the Investment Promotion Authority on May 11, 2020 and today is celebrating its first anniversary. When it started, more than 12,000 followed her on social media in the few months. It signaled to Estelle that people were interested in her business. It was what pushed to go the extra mile. She is now more determined to expand her business and provide the best service she can afford to working class professionals. She aims to provide the best services to the people at an affordable price. She focuses on services and products ideal for the physical features of Melanesians. Her style artists include Mareani Masani, Estapacifica, Kronos and Kali-D. She provided her expertise to fashion and make-up events here and overseas. The business has helped her growth in life as a young aspiring national entrepreneur in the areas of people management, finance and resources. She was forced to close the operation for a month due to the Covid-19 lockdown but reopened when restrictions were lifted later. One thing that has helped Estelle through her journey is her faith and trust in God which helped her overcome hurdles and setbacks along the way. She hopes her story will inspire other young women to achieve their dreams and be successful in what they do, especially in the business world.  “Identify your passion, register it as a business and put God first in everything you do. Work hard and always be consistent and resilient.” She understands that the business she has chosen is competitive in PNG’s oversaturated market. There are many challenges to overcome is she wants the business to keep on growing. “I am confident that if one follows one’s passion and puts God first, one will be able to stay in the game and continue to succeed in providing the best.”

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