EU all set to assist PNG

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 11, 2011

PNG is set to benefit from European Union assistance and investments.
EU head of delegation Dr Martin Dihm said on Monday night under the Cotonou Agreement, PNG and the EU cooperated closely for development.
“Currently we are looking at an envelope of K350 million,” Dihm said during Europe Day celebrations.
“These are funds contributed by European states, in particular, France and the United Kingdom.
“Together with our PNG partners, we are active in sectors such as education, rural development, infrastructure, civil society, good governance or gender equality.
“This latter issue is close to our hearts and is of major importance for development,” he said.
Dihm said the EU and PNG had recently concluded a fully-fledged EU-PNG free trade agreement.
“This provides PNG with unique concessions and a privileged position in EU markets,” he said.
“It enables PNG to export all goods totally free of duty to the EU.
“We stand ready to assist PNG in facing the challenges that arise, including those from new standards set in the EU and other markets for the placing of wood products,” he said.
Europe Day was celebrated by a bumper crowd comprising European members in Port Moresby, members of the diplomatic corps and friends.