EU ends training that has been boosting teacher numbers


Teacher training scholarships provided by the European Union and implemented by the Department of Education have come to an end.
The Human Resource Development Programme Phase 1 (HRDP 1) was designed to assist the Government in enhancing access to education and achieving its objectives.
This is to ensure that there are more teachers in the system and there are more opportunities for teacher training.
The final outcome is to increase the number of enrolment in schools.
So far 817 teacher trainee students have benefited from this programme after the financing agreement was signed in 2014.
The HRDP 1 is one of three focal sector programmes under the 10 European Development Fund (EDF) which is currently being implemented. It ends on Dec 30.
The EU has spent about K55 million on the programme since 2011.
Balob, Madang and Gaulim teachers’ colleges were recipients of infrastructure funding from the EU worth K5 million each.
Programme director Roger Kara said it was an opportunity for students from various remote parts of the country.