EU to back PMIZ plan

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THE European Union (EU) is ready to support initiatives such as the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) if it meets key requirements of sustainable development.
This will be through existing instruments as long as their “social, environmental and economic impact has been exhaustively assessed and appropriately addressed”, Ambassador Aldo Dell’Ariccia, head of EU delegation to PNG said.
He said these while responding to queries on the status of EU’s recently effected illegal unreported and unregulated (IUU) regulation 1005-2008.
Dell’Ariccia also said PNG’s acceptance by the EU for appropriately meeting the IUU regulation requirements was made on Feb 4 2010.
“The (European) Commission has examined all the notifications received from third countries.
“As soon as the notification was complete, with all the information required under Article 20 and Annex III of the IUU Regulation, it has been accepted.
Article 20 says third countries including Pacific countries notify EC about the conduct of their activities such conservation and management of the fishery resource.
“This concerns PNG … and all the other third countries. With regard to PNG, the formal acceptance has been signed on Feb 4, 2010”.
The IUU regulation came into effect last Jan 1.
Through the regulation the EU aims to improve traceability of all fishery products traded with the EU markets.
Mr Dell’Ariccia said the regulation applied to all marine fishery products as long as there was a link with the EU through trade or from the EU, or an involvement of EU nationals operating under any flag in all maritime waters.
“Its aim is to ensure the control of the respect of management and conservation measures.
“It concerns all catches made since Jan 1, 2010”, he said.