EU wants projects completed

National, Normal

The National, Thursday October 31st, 2013

 PAPUA New Guinea has been urged to use funds allocated under arrangements with the European Union for projects they were intended for.

Gerhard Sabathil, the director for the European External Assistance Services in North East Asia and Pacific, called on the Government to work harder to fulfil programmes and initiatives provided by the European Union. 

Sabathil is on a tour of the region and met National Planning Minister Charles Abel (above) yesterday to review engagements. 

He gave about K18 million for climate change initiatives.

Abel said PNG was yet to fulfil many of the projects under the European Development Fund scheme to empower rural development.  

Sabathil told Abel that the EU wanted to see PNG fulfil  its medium term development goals. 

“We would like to see PNG progress further in fulfilling the milllenium development goals,” he said. 

“We would like to see our assistance in sectors of education, good governance, water and sanitation utilised and progressing well in development. 

“The EU would like to leave all money here and not recover some parts because of problems. 

“We have to work together to realise this mission.”

He said it would force the EU to consider increasing assistance to developing the rural communities. 

He urged PNG to seriously take on challenges on human rights, gender and gender-based violence, corruption and good governance. 

The funding is expected to rebuild the capacity of the National Forest Authority where the PNG Government will be in charge of the forest inventory, measure areas of sustainability and apply effective outcomes for a possible trading outcome.