Evangelical Lutheran church celebrates 100 years in Kabwum


THE people of Indagen in Kabwum celebrated 100 years on Monday since the first Lutheran missionaries arrived in their village.
The first Lutheran missionary to arrive at Indagen with the gospel was Reverend Carl Sauracker who arrived on the Aug 19, 1919.
People had gathered from all around Morobe, Eastern Highlands, Chimbu, Southern Highlands and other provinces to celebrate the 100 years anniversary with the people of Indagen.
Locals of Indagen had prepared for this event some three years ago.
They planted food gardens, flowers to decorate the place and other things to celebrate the biggest day in their lives: the day gospel came and led on to civilisation in Indagen and other parts of Kabwum, Morobe and the Highlands.
Despite some people breaking away from the mother church, Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG and joining new churches, all combined to mark the 100 years celebration which was a significant part of their lives.
More than 20,000 people have already gathered at Indagen.
The first Lutheran missionaries who arrived in Finschhafen took 33 years to bring gospel to Indagen.
From Indagen, the gospel spread within a short period of time to other parts of Morobe and the Highlands.

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