Evangelism team lauds Sir Michael’s decision

Momase, Normal

The National – Thursday, December 23, 2010

The chairman of the Street preachers evangelism network (SPEN) in Madang commended Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare for stepping aside and allowing investigations against him to move on.
Pr David Navu said it was an honourable thing for him to do because recently there had been a lot of criticisms against him and his family.
“He needs to clear his name and reputation. We are always ready to point out a few mistakes of others and remember the bad but forgetting all the good things someone has done,” he said.
Navu said in the case of Sir Michael, he was a chief who had provided good leadership for more than 40 years and this was a record in the commonwealth.
He said that nobody was perfect including the opposition, and they should allow justice to prevail, through the system.
Navu said the acting prime minister was a God-fearing man and all members of parliament should work with him for the good of the country and that included the opposition.
“The people of this nation need leaders with long term visions for the nation and not individuals with selfish motives who are there for themselves.
“All Christians should pray to God to place the right people in the right place so that our country can move forward with all the riches we are blessed with,” he said.