Event draws crafts men,women, buyers to market


A WIDE array of Papua New Guinea’s arts and culture was showcased at the Laguna craft market last Saturday at the Laguna Hotel in Port Moresby.
The event drew a number of people to see the different items on display made by craftsmen and women from different provinces.
The event saw more than 50 vendors displaying their items for buyers with prices varying from as low as K20 to a as high as K1,400.
Traditional arts and craft items on sale ranged from paintings and bilums to carvings (made from various woods), stone axes and kundus.
Vendor and chairman of the Kina Culture Group Yake Pua said making traditional art and craft was important to help preserve PNG culture and knowledge.
Pua said craftsmen and women kept the knowledge of traditional practices and were a source of information for future generations.
“Authorities must write about our cultural stories down which is what the Kina Culture is trying to revive,” he said.
The Laguna arts and craft market opens from 8am-2pm on the first Saturday of every month.

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