Every child has full protection of law: Manning

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EVERY child has the full protection of the law and the police will assess how best to protect a child who is in danger, says Police Commissioner David Manning.
Comm Manning told The National that the constabulary was empowered under the Lukautim Pikinini Act and other legislations to protect children and would investigate cases of abuse, negligence and trafficking.
“With or without the consent of the parents or guardians, the police will continue any investigation into a criminal act committed against a child,” he said.
“A parent should not be asking police to withdraw any case involving a child, especially if that child is under the age of 16.
“Police will not support any parent wishing to withdraw a case.
“We will continue with the case.”
In the recent case of the 12-year-old girl allegedly sold by her cousin for sex, Comm Manning said police would ensure to produce all the evidence in court.
“Being a father of a girl, I do not wish this on anyone’s daughter, let alone my own daughter,” he said.
“This is an unacceptable behaviour. It is a vile criminal act. Any parent acting contrary to the best interest of his or her child is just as guilty as carrying out the act itself.
“We want to ensure this matter is progressed responsibly, factually, legally and in a correct manner.”
Police confirmed that the 20-year-old cousin sister would remain in custody to await her court case expected next week.