Every government has failed the people

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday July 9th, 2012

MANY fingers were pointing at the electoral commissioner during the general election.
One wonders what was done since the last general election in 2007 to correct the common roll.
Apart from questioning the performance of the commissioner and his team, our politicians  must also be held accountable.
They knew we had an election coming and yet they opted to change the government during a critical period and then expected a smooth election.
The time and money wasted for such rubbish politics was not warranted.
PNG does not need such stupidity.
The time and money, along with a stable government with some years of stability, could have been directed to the Electoral Commission funding and operations to ensure that our common roll was correct and as complete as possible at the  start of any election.
The seemingly chaotic elections we see today can be attri­buted to the  government’s lack
of attention to details.
After 36 years of indepen­dence, why can we not get the common roll right?
The Somare regime was at fault but the situation was made worse by the regime in the past
few months.
To have Belden Namah bla­ming Peter O’Neill and then joining the public to collectively accuse the electoral commissioner for the common roll debacle is nonsense.
If anything, the blame solely rests on O’Neill and his cohorts for wasting the public’s time and mo­ney in dirty politics.
The resources  could have been directed to the Electoral Commission to carry out its job effectively.
The fact that some people called for the elections to be deferred shows that they were also fed up with the  petty politics that was going on.
Given that the common roll is faulty, it does not make a difference now.
Each and every government has failed us.

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