Every person counts

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IT is crucial that provincial census coordinators ensure that every person is counted, census director Kit Ronga said.
Mr Ronga was speaking at a recent National Statistical Office (NSO) workshop at which coordinators were preparing for the 2010 National Population and Housing Census.
“Coordinators  should ensure that the 2010 census takes stock of what has developed or changed in the last 10 years,” he said.
Acting National Statistician Joe Aka urged coordinators to work as a team given the time constraints for the preparation of the census.
“The NSO will coordinate at the national level, but it is the provinces that will have to fully implement the census.
“The provincial census coordinators are fully aware of their task. They have given their assurance that they will do their utmost to ensure this census is done accurately,” he said.
Mr Ronga said coordinators were aware that the population census was an important national event and that they will be well equip for the task.
The census will take place from July 11 to17.