Everything starts from scrap

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “Jiwaka not ready yet” (The National, March 11) by Jeremiah Goi.
Has the writer ever tried to level the mountains of Jimi?
I am a mother from Jiwaka and I am outraged by that letter.
For any society in the world to have the necessities in life, everything must start from scrap to where they are now.
It is just like PNG when it is compared to other countries.
We are struggling to reach world standard.
It will take time but we will be there.
It is the same for Jiwaka.
So many people have sacrificed their time, effort, resources, etc, to ensure Jiwaka becomes a province.
In fact, I would like to salute Philip Kapal, William Wii, Nicolas Kuman, Roger Palme, Bill Kolip Moli, John Munul, Thomas Galyie, Talu Aipe and others as true leaders of Jiwaka.
To build up a society is a gradual process.
So don’t be a pessimist but let us look ahead and be prepared to work hard.


Mama Jiwaka
Via email