Evicting settlers right thing to do


I refer to last week’s report about settlers being evicted.
Those settlers put up all sorts of placards saying it was their land and all that rubbish.
Are they trying to fool us or have they completely lost their minds?
Those who live in Port Moresby know that those people were on that land illegally, and it’s about time they were removed.
Settlements like that are breeding grounds for criminals.
They can go back to where they came from. It may sound harsh but the people of Port Moresby are fed-up with squatter settlements popping up everywhere.
NCDC should have zero tolerance for illegal settlements. Develop the existing ones and stop new ones from growing. Enough is enough.
Take Gordon Market, for example.
People talk about Gordon market being notorious for crime as if it is some kind of a great mystery.
Gordon Market is what it is because it is close to settlements in 8-Mile, 9-Mile, Makana, Morobe Block, Bush Wara and so on.
These settlements are home to thieves, betel nut sellers, drunks, drug traffickers and drug users.
Granted there are taxpaying citizens living in those settlements, but they are only a few compared to the others.
Waigani Market is not as bad as Gordon because Waigani has only Morata settlement to contend with.

Vargo Hoat