Eviction issue


I MAKE reference to a letter to the editor from an evicted former tenant of a State-owned house or property, described as Allotment 30 Section 36, situated somewhere at Eriku in Lae city.
In her letter, she confidently made mentioned of the two persons, (named) whom I believed were behind the eviction undertaken that removed her and family out of the house.
It is not known whether these two persons are currently employed with NHC in Lae or in Port Moresby?
From what can be adduced from her letter, it would appear that some kind of corrupt or fraudulent dealings is or had been involved in the whole eviction exercise, perpetrated by the two persons named.
The author of the letter clearly highlighted that her late husband was a former government employee in Lae, and that her late husband had duly participated in one of the government’s home ownership give away or housing sales schemes as decided and directed by the NEC in the 1980’s.
She also mentioned that her late husband had duly completed paying for the total value of the house as per tenancy agreement with the NHC and that her late husband was only then awaiting the final contract of sales and title transfer from the NHC to her late husband.
Clearly, this is just one of the many instances where the NHC and its corrupt officials have caused distress and pain to many of the similar participants of the government’s housing sales schemes, many of whom had completed buying off their houses, and also awaiting their titles.
The eviction action taken against the family was totally unacceptable, as such is against the evictions moratorium issued by the then former Prime Minister O’Neill as well as former Housing Minister John Kaupa some years ago.
To the author and her family, I do feel for the family, hence, I would kindly request or advise that you seek the services of a lawyer (of course if you have not done so) to take up your case in court.
To the author, I can assure you and your family that you will take back the property or house from these corrupt fraudsters, if you go to the court of law for redress, rather than again waste time with NHC.
Prior to seeing a lawyer, it’s advisable that all documents relating to your late husband’s dealings are provided to him/her (lawyer) to use in court.
Documents such as the application form, tenancy agreement, receipts for all compulsory fees paid, evidence of fortnightly salary deductions and other relevant supporting documents.
To the author, as an encouragement, my take is that; your late husband, and now you and family, was and are, legally recognised as the authorised “sitting tenants” under the government’s home ownership housing sales schemes, so do pursue the matter in the court law.
Both these named persons should be arrested and brought to justice for their corrupt and fraudulent actions to evict these authorised “sitting tenants” from the house or property they had legally occupied for years, greatly inflicting pain and distraught upon the woman and her family.
I hope the new Housing and Urbanisation Minister, Justin Tkatchenko, is listening to these silent voices!

Lorenitz Gaius
Ketskets village

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