Eviction of Goilalas from city

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THE Moresby South electorate in the National Capital District can expect to see a mass eviction exercise in three locations in the electorate. The eviction is scheduled for people from Goilala, Central, in the electorate at 2-Mile living in the Rabiagini Block, Sabama and Vadavada. Moresby South MP and Minister for Housing and Urban Development said the issuance of eviction notices comes after several attacks on other residents of Moresby South and Badili police station commander Insp Jerry Obert last week. “On Wednesday, June 9 several people were held up and attacked by several men from Goilala at Sabama,” he said. “That same evening, the Badili PSC was driving down the road at 2-Mile when he was held up and nearly shot. “On Thursday, a couple from Nipa, Southern Highlands, were attacked at their home in Vadavada as the men tried to gain access to their little canteen. “On Friday, the captain and another player of the rugby league team Moresby South Blacks were slashed by several armed men as they were getting out of a taxi and walking to their home at 2-Mile. “Several inquiries made into the attacks found that the attacks were caused by several men from Goilala. I’ve tried to work with them, I’ve tried to appease them and make sure that we work together for the benefit of their community and weed out one or two that were causing the problem but they’re not listening. “I sat with the leaders of the Goilala community many times and asked them to hand over suspects, control their community members, stop the drugs and homebrew, but to no avail. “So as of today, we’ll be working with NCDC and the police in NCD to start an eviction process where all Goilalas will be put on notice.  “We will evict all Goilalas from 2-Mile Hill from Rabiagini, from Sabama and from Vadavada. “We will issue eviction notices for those people that are causing problems in the communities and they’ll be told to pack their houses up and get out of Moresby South. “I’m sick and tired of waking up every morning and seeing on my phone another innocent person in Moresby South being cut up and killed by a Goilala. “I’ve tried to work with the community over the last few years but they don’t care, they just allow it to continue to happen. “There’s no order and leadership in the Goilala community because everybody does their own thing. “I have a majority rule here, the majority are the good people of Moresby South. “I’m not going to allow one or two people from one ethic group to spoil it for all of us. “Enough is enough. We will work with NCDC and the police to start the eviction process. “I will not tolerate any more rubbish. “The eviction proces will now take place, Goilalas you have to take responsibility for your actions, you caused the problem, you have to fix the problem but you’re not fixing the problem, you’re not working with us.”