Eviction will not solve law and order woes, says Khay

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The National, Tuesday 26th March 2013


EVICTION is not a solution to minimise law and order issues in urban settlements, according to Lae City lord mayor James Khay.

He said the lack of basic services in rural areas caused people to migrate to urban centres in search of better living conditions.

Khay said that proper urban physical planning was needed to cater for urban migrations by utilising vacant state land for housing and accommodation.

He said the government should also negotiate with customary land owners and work in partnership by initiating housing schemes on a 50-50 basis to develop customary land and build more homes.

“Law and order is a social moral issue aligned with developmental activities; once development activities shape up, it impacts human nature and social standing that human’s view development from different perspectives that influences their social wellbeing,” Khay said.

“Law and order was created by human characteristics and attitudes as a result of government policies and activities therefore government cannot blame people.

“Instead, think critically to find remedies to treat itchiness that causes human reactions.”

Morobe provincial law and order chairman Peter Namus added that that eviction was not an answer to lawlessness in cities.

“It requires leaders and responsible government agencies to penetrate into settlements to conduct awareness on government policies, enhance their literacy capacity of the unfortunate ones and occupy them with programmes,” he said.

Namus also claimed the provincial youth office was doing little to assist youth groups in the city.

“Most people in urban settlements have no knowledge about government policies, thinking and feeling neglected; they need empowerment,” he said.