Evidence sufficient, State says


THE State says that it has provided sufficient evidence to convict a 20-year-old woman who allegedly killed her economist boyfriend in Port Moresby three years ago.
State lawyer Elizabeth Kave said this during the submissions on verdict in the case of Lindsay Takiabut of Hela, who allegedly killed Samuel Joseph.
Kave told Judge Laura Wawun-Kuvi in the National Court in Waigani that the State had provided credible and reliable evidence that Takiabut intentionally stabbed Joseph in the chest with a knife at Waigani on Nov 24, 2019.
“Lindsay said Joseph stabbed himself when she pushed him in self-defence but how can someone stab themselves fatally by being pushed back or by bumping into a wall,” Kave said.
“Lindsay’s explanation leading up to the stabbing defies common sense, logic and is doubtful.”
She said it was impossible for Joseph to accidentally stab himself with a knife causing such deep penetration that punctured both his lung and heart.
“If Joseph stabbed himself, the knife used should be on his hand or embedded in his chest or at least inside the house but instead, the knife was found outside the house,” Kave said.
Kave then asked the Court to disregard Takiabut’s evidence because the story she told police in the record of interview four days after the incident was different from the story she told the Court during the trial.
“Lindsay is not a witness of truth but telling her evidence in such a way as to shift the blame to everyone but herself.
“The answer she gave to the Court contradicted herself in the evidence and so the Court should reject her evidence,” she said.
The State further submitted that Joseph’s twin brother Emmanuel and the girl Joseph was with at the time of the event confirmed that they heard Joseph say: “Lindsay, why you sutim me” after he was stabbed.
“We submit that the last words of Joseph were a dying declaration and should be accepted into evidence.
“He cried out that Lindsay had stabbed him as his condition was declining and was bleeding from being stabbed. Joseph would have been a true witness if he was not dead.”
Defence lawyer Malcom Sumbuk argued that the State evidence was insufficient and asked the Court to dismiss Takiabut’s charge.
The Court is expected to give a ruling on verdict on June 6.