Ex-1360 army officer wants review

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The National, Friday 04th November 2011

THE government should conduct another investigation into the retirement benefits purpor­tedly received by a group of ex-soldiers known as 1360, a retired military officer has said.
Former army Major William Wareka, who was also asked to step down in the downsizing between 2001 and 2006, said the government should re-visit the case as he, like many of other ranks, had served for 19 years and were going on 20 years when they were forced out of the army.
Wareka said many of them in the 1360 batch would have qualified for pension if they were allowed to stay for another year.
Wareka said the government and Chief Se­cretary Manasupe Zurenuoc should conduct ano­ther independent investigation but, this time, they should not allow the Defence Council to be part of it as it was giving misleading information.
He said the army’s manual of personal administration was amended in 2003 when downsizing had already begun and, therefore, should not be applicable to them.
He said two different issues were being bandied around – their entitlements and the Defence Force retirement benefit fund.
“There are two completely different issues and should not be confused,” he said.
Zurenuoc has rejected claims by the group of ex-soldiers.
He said what they had received as payouts was all they were legally entitled to.