Ex-aide to testify against former boss

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A FORMER associate to a judge has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court to be used against his former boss in a disqualification application in relation to an election petition matter before the Supreme Court.
Former associate to Justice Catherine Davani, Emmanuel Tirone, has filed an affidavit in the matter of Sir Arnold Amet and Peter Yama, supporting Mr Yama’s contention that Justice Davani was seen talking to Sir Arnold in Madang.
Mr Yama had made a disqualification application to have Justice Davani disqualify herself from the three-man bench comprising Deputy Chief Justice Gibbs Salika and  Justice Elenas Batari  alleging that Justice Davani was seen talking to Sir Arnold despite being a member of the bench dealing with the  matter.
Affidavits by witnesses attesting to that have been filed and the associate was the last to file on Dec 1.
The affidavit, sworn on Nov 30, stated that while being the associate to Justice Davani when on a circuit to Madang, he had witnessed his boss talking to Sir Arnold at the Madang resort where they were staying.
He also stated that he was approached by Mr Yama several times this year to swear an affidavit but he had refused because he was an employee of the National Judicial Staff  Services and that Justice Davani was his immediate boss.
A decision on the substantive review application by Sir Arnold is yet to be handed down.