Ex-cop’s bail plea denied

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THE National Court has refused a bail application by a former policeman who has been convicted of murder.
Justice Gibbs Salika refused the application at the Waigani National Court last Wednesday.
The application was made by the defence lawyer after it was claimed his client “feared” for his life while serving his 16-year sentence at Bomana jail outside Port Moresby.
In the application, it was stated that the convicted policeman served the police force for more than 15 years and had in his line of duty put into prison many criminal elements; now his life was under constant threat as many of the inmates had turned on him.
He said on one occasion he had been physically confronted and beaten.
However, his application to the Correctional officers for separate confinement was not entertained and he now has to defend himself and carries a knife with him for protection in prison.
He fears that he might use the knife if it is called for, to protect himself.
Justice Salika said the reasons put forward were not enough to grant bail; also that considerations for bail at this stage were different from those when awaiting trial, and there were no “exceptional circumstances” that could warrant bail.