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FORMER Goroka MP Bire Kimisopa, 57, of Kotiyufa village, Goroka, Eastern Highlands, was arrested by the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate and charged with misappropriation of half a million kina on Friday.
The charges against him are one count of official corruption, one count of conspiracy to defraud and one of misappropriation of K517,000 – the property of the Goroka District Development Authority and Independent State of PNG.
It is alleged that between Jan 3 and April 30, 2017, Kimisopa facilitated for K517,000 to be paid to one of his staff for feasibility study and submission of project proposal for setting up of a university centre at Kabiufa Adventist Secondary School.
The matter was reported by another former Goroka open MP Henry Ame Ume to police for investigation.
Police investigations revealed that Tom Monemone was his electoral staff and prior to tabling the agenda before the district authority for consideration and approval, he had on Jan 2, 2017 approved the payment to Monemone.
On Jan 4, 2017 he allegedly introduced an agenda as extension of university centre at the Kabiufa Adventist Secondary School and appointment of Monemone as the consultant for the project.
The district authority passed the resolution for extension of a university centre at the Kabiufa school and approved Monemone as the consultant for the project.
However, there were no PSTB and APC (procurement approval forms) obtained for the project as required by the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) prior to making the payments.
Three lots of payments were made to Tom Monemone Consultancy Services, but were allegedly deposited into his personal account at ANZ bank.
Investigation also revealed that as soon as the money was paid into the bank account, large sums were withdrawn. It is alleged that to date this money has not been acquitted and no progress or status report has been submitted to the Goroka district authority.
Two people alleged to have colluded with Kimisopa have been arrested and their cases are pending hearing at the Goroka District Court.
Kimisopa was arrested on a warrant of arrest for official corruption on Friday in Port Moresby and taken to Konedobu, where he was interviewed, charged and later taken to the Boroko police station and locked up.
Since, he has been arrested on warrant, no police bail is allowed.
Kimosopa said in a statement: “The experience was very cordial although I was not formally invited in the first place and as is my duty, I complied with the request of the police who suggested I go to the NF and ACD to answer questions of my role as chairman of Goroka DDA during my tenure as Goroka MP from 2012 to 2017.
“It is obvious our police will really need to understand the complexity of the DDA Act 2014, the mandates of the PFMA, tenders board requirements, district procurement process, the role of a chairman and legal effects of the DDA resolution and budgets.


  • Our government system and the way ministerial portfolio holders function should be reformed. some of the discretionary powers vested on the MP’s must be relaxed so that trained professionals should take over.

  • Is it an arrest or Police Interview?, Shouldn’t there be an arrest warrant given before an arrest?

  • When you cheat your own people for your own gain this is what you get for neglecting your people. The very people from your “hauslain stret” still leaving with no services to date is a disgrace and shame. Its a long wait from the people who voted you into Parliament but you did not spend a toea to fix up their roads, Aid posts and schools while you build yourself an empire ignoring the voters who are still suffering to date Nogat wanpla han mak blo yu lo hauslain is the very result for the law to catch you now, so be it, let face the music.

  • This has been an ongoing issue for most of the self-centred MPs only in PNG. Gov’t of the day have to look into this and go against with tougher laws. If such MPs are imprisoned without any conditions for bail out can change this stupid mindset.

  • His political career supercedes the development and well-being of the Goroka People. We have waited too long for continuity of our rightful and basic service. Hope he has a better explanation this time. Because he always has..

  • Let the wheel of Justice and Truth turn and crush the guilty! The humble people of Goroka have had enough!

  • A Word of Advice:
    When formal charges are laid against you for official corruption, don’t try to explain and justify your actions as a way out to defend your innocence.
    “Instead of helping, You are doing more harm then good”.
    The Principle of sowing and reaping will soon catch up on you.
    It might take decades, but truth will eventually be revealed.

  • When will, us the people of PNG stop falling into the trap of bribery and vote for people who are God feared?
    Please, 2022 election is just around the corner – think about that.

  • I think the former Goroka open MP Henry Ame Ume is sure that Mr Kimisofa will oust him so he is using such allegations to put him away so he win the by-election again. Why not prove yourself and let the polls decide than being a coward to remove Mr Bire Kimisopa.

    • I think that the answer lies in the guilt of Mr. Kimisopa and his accomplices, depriving the rights to services that have not reached the true Gorokans. Though I am from Okapa, but seeing former MP Henry T Ame as the outspoken, true leader ready to explore the hearts of Goroka but the win was deprived, taken to court and now the verdict will prove for itself. Justice must prevail.

  • Don’t accept any spiritual leadership posts in the churches pretending to cover up your crooked lifestyles because God never bypass evil. seems good to think the church is your hideout but a very dangerous place for your good. You’ll be exposed in no time

  • Judges do your job WITH NO FEAR and favor. get all the thieves behind bar.K517,000.00 is too much money wasted for no work done.

  • People of Goroka need vibrant and branny leaders to lead at the National level, I think by now Goroka people should not look for personal gain, let the justice take its own course, and move on with the service deliveries to the people.

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