Ex-militant says sorry


A Bougainville evangelist pastor Albert Magoi is on a reconciliation mission throughout Papua New Guinea to reconcile with families of former PNG security forces members.
Magoi, who was a former Bougainville Revolutionary Army soldier, wants to reconcile with families of the PNGDF soldiers and police officers who were killed on Bougainville during the crisis.
Last week, he met with 15 families from Gulf and Western, who were relatives of those killed during the crisis.
Magoi reconciled with families of four PNGDF soldiers from Daru, Western in Daru Town and families of 11 soldiers from Gulf at Malalaua station.
“During the reconciliation I said sorry on behalf of the people of Bougainville for what we did to their loved ones.
“People of Gulf and Western, we both have been traumatised of the past that still gives us nightmares.
“You have lost your loved ones and Bougainvilleans have also lost their loved ones during 10 years civil war.
“I’m lucky to be alive today just to come here in Malalaua and Daru and say sorry.
“Forgiving is a journey and you can only do it if you think about the generations to come after you.”

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