Ex-NDoH officer helped Chinese firm win bid

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A PAPUA New Guinean who was a former NDoH procurement officer had tendered for the procurement and supply of pharmaceutical drugs for a Chinese company although he was not an employee.
This was revealed at the PAC inquiry yesterday.
L&Z Enterprise Logistics Company (L&Z)’s owner-director Hong L Ling told the PAC that general manager for logistics Paul Pio, who was not attached with the company at the time of the bidding, had approached him and asked him to tender for the NDoH contract.
The Chinese-owned company was awarded two government contracts valued at more than K17 million to supply and distribute routine medical supplies and medical kits for the Southern Region.
PAC deputy chairman Gary Juffa said he was surprised how a Chinese company that had no history, experience and capacity on logistics was awarded the contract when other companies such as the PNG Postal Services that had the experience and capacity was turned down.
Pio said the company won the contract due to his 20 years of experience and that his name was stated as the proposed managing director in the tender documents.


  • Can PAC refer Paul Pio to the police as he falsified the tender documents? He was not the MD of the company that was awarded the contract.

    • The Company and the Individual are to totally different people. Director of a Company OWN the company. The position of MD is just that…a position in the Company

  • That lunatic ex NDoH staff surely got his kickbacks or lollies for successfully bidding the tender for that Opportunist idiot China. No shadow of doubt, one would facilitate a business deal charitably. PAC must be prepared to grill that lunatic how much was promised and actual amount paid out.

    Secondly, it was a tender not meant for aliens to bid for. How the NDoH shortlisted the chicko company, those involved at the NDoH and CSTB be summoned them to come before the PAC and testify as to how they missed the bidding requirements.

  • All CSTB officials who were involved in tender screen process should be investigated and punished. That Chinese lunatic should be sent to jail right away.

  • The jaiko company was only the platform used by both NDoH and CSTB and Paul Pio and Mr Hong should name those involved for questioning and establish who benefited what.

  • Omg! I almost can’t believe what I’m reading! If you see a former NDOH officer’s name as MD of a company doesn’t that rule them out due to it being an immediate conflict of interest?????

  • TEC Members which should consist of some very senior staff members NDoH would be familiar with such names like Paul Pio and immediately raise some serious questions at some stage. Why was it allowed to proceed to the actual awarding?

  • It is not the Chinese but Paul Pio who was bidding for the Chinese so he should be put behind bars for killing his own country men.

  • See how this country is sickenly corrupted, mostly by public servants? These kind of idiots are running my tax into gabbage. For the love of money, not one can do his job right for the good of this country. Corruption is all messed up in this country. I am glad I stopped paying income tax since late 2018.

  • PAC should go right down to the bottom to unearth fraud, bribery, corruption etc being practiced by not only NDoH but other state agencies and government departments colluding with former CSTB now called National Procurement Authority.
    Just imagine how many PNGians have died because of this bribery, corruption, fraud, conflict of interest, etc and you can name the rest. Thoroughly investigate the Health Department procurement manager/ officers including the Secretary Pascoe Kase. Now its beginning to show why National Doctors Association in the likes of Dr Sam Yockopua were not happy with the current Health Secretary etc. They know what they were saying.

    PAC, the 8 million citizens are watching and praying for you to do the right to to take back NDoH and in doing so take back PNG…

  • Corruption & Corrupt people are popping out!!
    PNG’s atmosphere is governed by the heavenly authority.

  • O for goodness sake, how could the secretary and the government of the day allow this under its nose happen, putting its people at risk

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