Ex-prisoners get help from firm

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The National, Friday 14th of February, 2014

THE Ex-prisoners’ Association in Jiwaka received  support a second time from WR Carpenters last week to carry out its rehabilitation and restoration awareness programme.
The association received 40 litres of fuel from the company as it did last year.
The Ex-prisoners Association is made up of former prisoners who decided to help their colleagues to change and find a better way of living after their terms.
WR Carpenters community relations officer, John Pilma gave the fuel so the association could carry out more awareness and reach remote parts of the province and the region.
Association chairman Pr Moses Kerua (pictured) said support from business houses would help to change and improve lives.
He said support from WR Carpenters would go a long way as he would be able to do a lot of awareness to help correct and educate many to leave behind their past and find more meaningful and better things in life.
Kerua, the visiting chaplain of the Baisujail in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands said the association was formed to help change the lives of people who were criminals, drug addicts, outcasts, and have been in prison.
“So far through our awareness and programmes, many have changed from their wrongdoings,” Kerua said.
“This is life. This association is made of people who have been prisoners for many years and now we are encouraging others to follow our footsteps and change.
“This is the new beginning for those who feel that they have no hope after leaving the prison.
“We have to make a new stand and move to find better things in our lives.”
He said the association was focusing on discouraging the use of marijuana and homebrew and crime.
Kerua called on the public keen to help the association to call him on 7164 0203.