Ex-student leader plans to lead Obura-Wonenara fight

National, Normal

The National, Monday 30th July 2012

FORMER student leader Michael Benzamin will lead disgruntled candidates from Obura-Wonenara to petition the Electoral Commission over how the election was conducted in remote electorate of Eastern Highlands.
Benzamin, who led students at the University of Goroka to boycott classes and brought the administration to its knees, is one of the 41 candidates for the seat in this election.
Addressing some of the unhappy candidates and their supporters at Lottery Park, Benzamin said there were many discrepancies and vote-rigging in Obura-Wonenara district during polling.
He said they were preparing a petition with hard evidence of vote-rigging for the electoral commission.
Benzamin said voting in Obura-Wonenara had never been free and fair.
He said given the remoteness of the district, there were many irregularities occurring during elections in the past and similar things took place again.
“We have decided to take a concerted approach to end these illegal practices, during elections so it does not happen again,” he said.
He said the motto of free, fair and safe election has not been observed.