Exceptional talent

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AUSTRALIA’S cricket greats Greg Blewett and Michael Kasprowicz commended the talent and skills displayed by young cricketers in the country over last weekend’s Pacific MMI and Motor Vehicle Insurance Ltd “Don’t drink and drive” Twenty20 Legends bash competition in Port Moresby.
Blewett revealed that he was impressed with the performance of the young cricketers, stating it looked very promising for PNG, to have the chance to qualify for the World Cup in the future, with the current pace of development PNG cricket going through.
The T20 competition provided an opportunity for the young PNG cricketers to showcase their talent in front of the seven former Australian cricket greats.
“They (local cricketers) look talented and with the help and guidance of former Australian paceman Andy Bichel it would help develop the upcoming cricketers to further enrich their skills and talent both at the national and international level,” Kasprowicz said.
They also commended the Cricket PNG’s plans of putting young players through the player placement programmes, in which players were a given chance to go through scholarship programmes in Australia.
This, according to the former Australian representative, would expose PNG talent to a higher standard of play, developing them to one day make it into world class cricket and, eventually compete in the world cup.
Meanwhile, the two players commended the people of PNG for the hospitality they experienced.
They said Papua New Guineans were friendly everywhere they went and it was great testament to PNG hospitality.
Queensland great Jimmy Maher said he would be glad to come back for the next tournament, adding he had experienced a unique atmosphere.
“I’ve had a great time and enjoyed the last few days here Port Moresby. I’ll be coming back for the next tournament, thank you,” Maher said.
The seven cricketers  left  for Australia yesterday.