Excessive drinking causes deaths

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The National, Wednesday June 26th, 2013


A LOT of deaths are caused by excessive alcohol consumption, Magistrate Cosmas Bidar said on Monday.

Bidar said this at the Committal Court when committing Otti Yapua, 42, from Usa Kagua, Southern Highlands, to the National Court. 

Yapua was alleged to have murdered a man at the 8-Mile settlement in Port Moresby last year.

Bidar said on Dec 25 last year, Yapua was alleged to have murdered a man at the 8-Mile settlement and was charged with one count of murder under the Criminal Code Act. 

He said this matter was similar to a lot alcohol-related cases which resulted in deaths. 

He said a lot of people who were involved were seriously intoxicated, and sometimes events could not be vividly recalled. 

Bidar also said the doctor’s report showed that the cause of the death was from internal bleeding which at this stage could not be verified with any certainty whether or not it was caused by the accused.

“That is why the court is careful to consider the matter,” he said.

He said the court had carefully considered the evidence provided by the police and the submission made by the lawyer and had made its ruling.

Bidar said the court had found that there was sufficient evidence for the matter to be taken to the National Court for trial and ordered Yapua to appear for National Court listings on July 15.

He added that the Committal Court was here to make sure there was substantial evidence for the National Court.