Exhibition promotes villagers’ art of claypot-making

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THE villagers of Zumim in the Markham district of Morobe have been encouraged to preserve their pottery-making culture.
An exhibition of their skills was held on Friday witnessed by locals and two visitors from Cairns and officers from the Lae City Council at the village.
The exhibition was to promote the art of claypot-making.
This trip by the visitors from Cairns is in line with the recent signing of a statement of intent between Lae MP John Rosso and Cairns Ambassador Sim Hayward.
Billy Kinsim of the city council  said the council supportedactivities like claypot-making.
He said the city council had been trying its best to promote such activities involving traditional skills.
He said Rosso was keen on promoting culture generate income for the villagers.
Kinsim said the city council would continue to support the Zumim pottery exhibition to preserve the tradition.

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