Exhibition provides opportunity for locals to learn about Poland

The National, Tuesday July 19th, 2016

A Polish exhibition started early this month in Madang.
Polish consular in PNG Fr Jan Czuba opened the exhibition on behalf of the Polish community in PNG.
The exhibition, hosted at the Divine Word University’s friendship library, provided an opportunity to locals to learn about Poland.
Czuba, a former president of Divine Word University, said the Polish people contributed their fair share of good deeds for the cause of humankind and they were pleased to display some of the information about the Poles and their achievements in the exhibition.
DWU council member Sir Peter Barter, university president Prof Cecilia Nembou,  staff and students witnessed the opening.
The exhibition was organized by Polish missionaries working on campus.
One of the missionaries and organisers, Dr Iwona Kolodziejczyk, said the exhibition was put together to share their culture with the community.
Kolodziejczyk, who is an associate professor at the university, said while living in PNG and having a daily opportunity to learn and experience PNG culture, the Polish missionaries wished to give back to the community by sharing their own culture.
“Learning from each other and sharing our cultures help us to appreciate each other and our cultural heritage,” Kolodziejczyk said.
There are eight banners on display presenting important moments from more than 1000 years of history of the Polish nation and showcasing a few world-renowned Poles like St John Paul II, Lech Walesa, Marie Sklodowska-Curie and others. The exhibition ends next month.
Meanwhile, a team of eight people from Divine Word University in Madang left yesterday to attend the World Youth Day celebrations in Poland.
The team consists of five students, two staff and a community member. They will be in Poland to share and exchange faith and culture with people from around the world.
The group from the university will be met and joined in Warsaw by two  university staff members studying in Poland.
In a separate arrangement, five students, two staff and one community member from the university left for Poland for the World Youth Day to share and exchange faith and culture with people from around the world.
The group from DWU will be met and joined in Warsaw by two DWU staff members currently studying in Poland.