Exhibition tells people about Russia


A RUSSIAN cultural exhibition held at the Michael Somare Library at the University of Papua New Guinea is to tell the people more about Russia, an official says.
Director of the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation, Nickolay Miklouho-Maclay who was behind the show, is a descendant of a Russian traveller who arrived in PNG 150 years ago.
Maclay said they had also been holding exhibitions about PNG’s culture in Russia.
During the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders’ Summit last year, Maclay was told that if Russia could learn about PNG, PNG should learn about Russia too.
“A team was pulled together and a lot of effort was put into this exhibition to acquaint and familiarise Papua New Guineans about the Russian culture,” he said.
“We are witnessing a new stage in the bilateral relationship between Russia and PNG and we are hoping to attract more people to learn the Russia language.”
They have prepared a language programme for distance-learning online lessons which will be free of charge.
Russian teachers will be conducting the lessons. “PNG islanders have a number of Russian words in their local language because 150 years ago when Nickolay Nikolayevich Maclay, a Russian traveller reached the shores of PNG, he left several words in the local languages.
“We are hoping to attract more people in PNG, explore the possibilities of opportunities of education in Russia. We plan to host three exhibitions: one at UPNG, one at the National Library and one in Madang. We hope many people will be able to see it.”