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OFFENDERS caught in possession of illegal items must be brought to court with those illegal items so they can be rightly dealt with, a magistrate says.
Boroko District Court Magistrate Rebecca Kalepo raised this yesterday after concerns that court exhibits were going missing during court proceedings.
“I’m quite mindful of exhibits getting lost in the courts,” Kalepo said. “While the offender is being dealt with, I think it would be a better practice if a person being charged for something illegal in his possession, then that illegal item must be (produced) with that person (in court so that) the person could be rightly dealt with.”
Magistrate Kalepo raised her concern with police prosecutor Constable Alois Paraka Nii after Terry Peter, 21, of Tari-Pori in Hela, appeared in court charged with being in possession of a homemade pistol, which police took from him.
“The fact of the matter is that exhibits are not (produced in court) and are disappearing somewhere,” she said.
She said most of the exhibits were disappearing.
“The person that has committed the offence gets time for the (illegal) activities while the particular item is gone and someone else is benefiting (from it).”
“This court is not trying to assist or say that what is done is good but at the same time the court takes into consideration all the other factors that come,” she said.
Cnst Nii told the court that he could talk to the arresting officer to bring the item.


  • What a shame on that arresting officer to take the Illegal item into his own possession. This Illegal items now becomes the sole property of the state. And must be brought in to the rightful place which is the courtroom. Arrest that arresting officer and question him. He’s fully aware of the law and why he’s doing this. His actions is similar to the betelnuts sellers, after they arrested the seller, they resell the items some where. . My frieds experience similar thing, He bought a carton of beer puts it in the back of his his car and drove off few minutes later 6mile police arrived and checked his car and arrested him , took him to 6mile police station and was locked up till next morning, after he paid k1, 500 he was released. “What a animal behaviour it was. WHO ELSE IS BENEFITING THIS CARTON OF BEER? WHAT A SHAME , IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR COUNTRY MAN AND WOMAN?? Man in blue, God Almighty is watching you, when your time on this earth come to an end, my friend you will be charge accordingly to your ACTIONS. SO START NOW AND RENEW YOUR CHRISTIAN RELIEF AND GO TO YOUR CHURCH WHERE YOU BELONG.

  • Remember that everything we do either good or bad are counted. We’ll reap what we sow. God is watching every movement, action and attitude of his created being. He will pull out the weed that is not good in the garden and will keep the good. Please be like human who have sensitive and positive mindset. Come on man in Blue carry out your duty as police oriented.

  • Exhibits vital in court
    The title speaks for itself. A court should not proceed if the exhibit is not presented at the court. From a laymen’s understand, the alleged offender should not be charged or sentenced until this is presented.
    The magistrate has to set free this offender as lesson to prosecutors, that such failure should not be repeated in the near future.

  • Charge both the offender and also the arresting officer who is in possession of the exhibits. If this wont happen then why did the officer arrested the offender? The exhibits that made him (offender) to be brought to the court for illegally possession of the exhibit. so as the arresting officers is also liable to e charged under the same law as did to the first offender.

  • Police force we need to be honest and transparent in our wok. Since we have issue for Bosip Kaiwi now hitting the hotline in our country, please be vigilant in our job as money will manipulate the process of things as the topic now stand clear Exhibits vital in court.

  • We all know what happens to exhibits seized off criminals, betelnuts, money, phones, beer cartons and the rest goes straight to the pockets of some of our brothers in blue. PCs need to take a strong stance in following protocol for possessed items. Otherwise, justice (feigned or otherwise) is but a weapon in the hands of our enforcers.

  • I believe already sold to some criminals because it is unlicensed.This is also criminal act so arrest him and put him behind bar.

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