Expat businessman ‘ambushed, killed by armed gang’


A YOUNG business man from Bangladesh was killed by criminals in Lae last Saturday.
Lae Metropolitan Superintendant Anthony Wagambie Jnr confirmed that the Bangladeshi was jumped by armed gangsters and was shot and killed near his residence.
“The deceased works as a retail manager at Lae Bowling Club and he was travelling back to his home
at 4th Street when he was ambushed by armed criminals,” Wagambie
“They were monitoring him and held him up as he was driving in.”
According to police reports the deceased was escorted by his nephew in another vehicle when he was held up.
Wagambie told The National that some of the gang members attempted to hold up the deceased’s nephew, however, he managed to escape and reported the matter to police.
“Their attempt was unsuccessful so he drove straight to the police station to get assistance from police,” he said.
“A unit was sent immediately to the scene, however the suspects already fled in a white 10-seater.”
He said the deceased was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.
“Police are investigating and we have possible leads,” he said.
“We suspect that some escapees from the recent mass break-out at Buimo were responsible for this.”

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