Expats charged

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TWO expatriate men, charged with producing indecent articles, have been committed to face trial after they pleaded not guilty to the charges at the Boroko District Court recently.
Calvin Tan, 32, of Malaysia, and Soe Maung, 24, of Myanmar, were both arrested and charged under section 25A(1) of the Sexual Offence Act for allegedly taking photographs of a woman’s bare body  without her consent, at the Tan Trading supermarket near Boroko. 
The court was told that on Sept 16, the management of Tan Trading told its employees to come to work all dressed up in their traditional attire to coincide with the Independence celebrations.
The complainant, who is also a staff, was among others who turned up for work in their respective traditional wear.
It was alleged that at around 6pm that day, the duo, who are also employees of Tan Trading, approached the complainant, a young woman, and asked to take her picture.
The court heard that the two accused, told the complainant to remove her attire covering her breasts so they could take her picture but she refused despite repeated requests.
The court heard that she reported the matter to the police after she found out that her pictures, taken without her consent, had been shown to other staff at Tan Trading.
Police then arrested and charged the two for taking the pictures without her consent.
However, the two men  pleaded not guilty to the offence. The matter was adjourned to Oct 29 for