Expert reveals secret to getting a better house


QUALITY modern homes at affordable prices have become a reality in Papua New Guinea, according to the co-founder and director of Rhodes, Andrew Avenell.
Rhodes are prefabrication and modular building specialists, manufacturing their frames, roof trusses and other components on the factory floor and then assembling them on site.
Avenell told the recent PNG Real Estate Show in Port Moresby that families should be cautious and do their research before making any big housing  investment.
“Low quality houses, which won’t last the lifespan of a bank loan, are coming on to the market in increasing numbers,” he said.
“Families who purchase these homes will have the financial burden of not just their mortgage repayments but huge maintenance costs after about 15 years when their houses literally start to fall apart.
“Companies that specialise in prefabricated steel-framed buildings save their customers money because much less time is spent on the actual building site.
“Building in PNG is expensive due to weather which disturbs the building process and the lack of qualified trades people, especially in remote locations which means you end up paying big money for labour.
“The beauty of a pre-fabricated building is that it can be assembled quickly by even unskilled workers which means less labour costs and, therefore, a lower price for home buyers.”
He said families could also save money by buying a prefabricated steel-framed house was because of the lower maintenance requirements.