Explain bus routes, fees

  • WANT an answer from theRoad Traffic Authority chief executive officer Nelson Terema if there is a so called direct bus from the following route:
  • Town to Waigani; and,
  • Town to Gordon and Gordon to Town

Say if you’re in Town and want to get Boroko, you cannot get on a bus that is calling for a direct ferry from Town to Gordon.
You will not be dropped off at Boroko even though the bus goes through Boroko.
You will be charged K2 for a Town-to-Gordon direct ferry.
I wonder if this fee is legal.
Can Terema confirm if this is legal?
If it is not than I think it’s time buses involved in that practice are impounded.
Can the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission confirm if K2 fee has been sanctioned by their office?
This practice has been going on for quite a while and the passengers feel like they are being charged unfairly with poor service.
The authorities should look into this.

Frustrated Passenger

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