Explain delay with UPNG graduation


CAN the University of PNG’s administration explain why 2020 graduation is delayed indefinitely?
Sponsors and parents need an explanation for the indefinite delay of our students’ graduation this year.
We understand that the Covid-19 has inconvenienced us all but the university should not take that as an excuse for the delay.
The Covid-19 is not a valid justification for this unnecessary delay of the graduation.
A graduation is not just an event or an ordinary ceremony, it is part of the university’s academic activities designed by the university’s by-laws and regulations as one of its priorities to give its students an official recognition.
A graduation is a recognition from a university that students have successfully completed their studies and passed all examinations granted by the university.
The essence of this recognition carries a weight on different stakeholders that have contributed to students’ education.
Parents are the proudest for seeing their sacrifices bear fruit during graduation ceremonies.
We want our children to graduate in a formal ceremony.
Do not deny us that experience.

Frustrated Parent

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