Explain if bus routes, fees are authorised


I AM writing to get an answer from the Road Traffic Authority chief executive officer Nelson Terema if the following bus routes are authorised: Town to Waigani via Hohola (Bus 11) and Town to Gordon and Gordon to Town (Bus 4).
The bus operators in town are calling for direct routes to Waigani with a fee of K2 while those going to Boroko will get on to another bus.
The buses travelling to Waigani go through Hohola and Town and Gordon buses go through Boroko.
Can Terema confirm if these routes are authorised?
If it’s not then it’s about time these bus operators are dealt with.
Can the Independent Consumer & Competition Commission confirm if the K2 fee is authorised?
I got on a Bus 4 from Town to go to Gordon and was asked to pay K2 and had an argument with the crew and almost fought with him.
The crew said they have been operating like that for ages.
So does that mean the bus operators have been cheating on passengers?
Can Terema direct his officers to pretend as passengers and see what is happening?

Frustrated Passenger


  • It is a wake-up call to the responsible agencies of the government who are not thinking, planning, and executing their mandated role.

  • Come on fatty lazy government bureaucracies enough of sitting idly in your offices and go down to the street and travel in one of those pmv buses to proof yourselves…ordinary citizens feels the pain and becomes victims for a very long time…not only in pom but lae and even other centers as well…over to you Nelson Terema..

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