Explain increase in fuel prices


THIS month would be a disastrous moment to the nation’s fuel service.
Who is at fault?
Is it the world oil prices that affects our domestic fuel price?
A satisfactory answer is required from the authorities as our citizens are still in a web of confusion.
Fuel prices increased last Friday and is expected to continue increasing.
The highlighted prices reported in our daily reveals that petrol selling price will be at K3.79, diesel at K3.28 while kerosene will be just around K3.01.
It is understandably evident that the retail price increased were due to increase in imported price for these petroleum products.
Is this a joke?
I mean the owners of oil wells are buying the very own petroleum products that we have on a global controlled price.
Who controls the global oil price?
It is something to understand and be aware of.
The issue pending next is increasing of PMV fares, not only in National Capital District, but throughout the country.
Bus crews will surely take advantage of this situation by increasing PMV fares.
This is bad and may I remind the readers that let this be considered an act of crime.
It is clear that the prices set by the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission are the maximum retail price and PMVs refuel at the recommended prices.
Can the relevant authorities explain the increase in fuel prices?
Let the people know and understand of what’s happening.

Justin Max,
Kuli Kombu Village

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