Explain low number of Covid-19 cases, deaths


DURING the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, there were fears that Papua New Guinea would be hit hard because of our poor health system and our Melanesian way of congregating.
Thousands died from the Covid-19, which caused PNG to impose lockdowns and strict measures.
Businesses, schools and people’s way of living were disrupted.
The economy stopped.
A year and a couple of months later, the since Covid-19 penetrated our shores, our cases now stand just above 17,700.
However, what doesn’t make sense is the Covid-19 death toll in PNG.
The death toll doesn’t correlate to the fears and expectation we had for the virus.
We were told that we would die in thousands, our health facilities would be overwhelmed and our country would be in chaos.
But, so far, our death toll is just about 200.
I am not a medical expert, but from what I’ve learnt through the media about the rate of Covid-19 death tolls around the globe, a 190-plus deaths in PNG is confusing.
We have thousands dying per day with cumulative death tolls skyrocketing to hundreds of thousands in the developed nations that are more advanced in science and medical facilities with cutting edge technologies.
But a small country with a poor health system is recording less deaths than expected.
This doesn’t make sense.
Can we find out why we’re recording less infections and deaths?

Prentice Kewanu