Explain why students are not in classrooms


I AM writing this as a concerned citizen and a parent to a child attending Wardstrip Demonstration Primary School in Port Moresby.
My child told me only some children were allowed into the classrooms while others were left outside till afternoon and they …
This happened last Thursday.
On the next day, my child did not want to attend school and told me that same thing might happen again so it was better to stay home.
Can the school explain why the particular teacher of that class denied the children their education?
It is totally unfair when a few children are allowed to learn while others aren’t.
With the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in Port Moresby, I believe children should not be left outside on their own.
Education is for all regardless of race, status in society, and cultural background.

Concern Parent


  • As a concerned parent, you should go to the school and find out from the teacher or principle why and solve the problem right away. It does not happen to all the schools. Then write to the media.
    My son absconded classes. I found out from the teacher that they were forming gangs at school and absconding. I went to school unexpected and caught the gang and threatened them. Now my son loves school. Sometimes the kids need our support and help but they wont tell us. As concerned parents, lets investigate and solve this problems. These are our children. Lets help the teachers control the kids and not expect to do everything for us.

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