Explanation by experts helpful

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The National, Friday 16th December 2011

I AM thankful to the explanation and cla­rification of our Constitution and the role of the three executive arms of government – legislature, executive and judiciary – by Dr Tony Regan of Australian National University who is an expert on PNG Constitution, Paul Barker of INA (Radio Australia, Dec 13), and two highly experienced PNG lawyers – Peter Donigi (The National, Dec 14) and Moses Murray (Post-Courier, Dec 14).
I am not a lawyer nor am I highly educated but from the simple explanations by these four men, I am of the view that Peter O’Neill is the legitimate prime minister.
It is a shame that our police have shown total disrespect to the prime minister and his ministers from entering the Government House.
From the news coverage, we could see the officer in charge showed no respect whatsoever for the prime minister and MPs.
We have a weak governor-general and his performance has been dismal.
He has made some terrible blunders that warrant his immediate removal.

Hicks  Thompson
Port Moresby