Explanation needed on PNG DataCo’s role


THIS letter relates to an article in Monday’s The National that PNG DataCo Ltd will connect and provide internet services for the Nonga General Hospital in East New Britain.
Just out of curiosity, I am putting forward this question to the Minister for Communication and Information Technology Timothy Masiu.
Is PNG DataCo Ltd a wholesaler of data or both wholesaler and retailer of data?
If PNG Data Co Ltd is a wholesaler and retailer, then it will definitely put most of the internet service providers out of business because they purchase their data from PNG Data Co Ltd and market the purchased data to their clients on a regulated price.
The monopoly of data price will be in favour of PNG Data Co Ltd, which I believe will hurt the equal playing field of the internet service provider companies.
For the sake of transparency, can Masiu draw a line between data wholesaler and data retailer.
After all, the internet service providers are helping in the employment of Papua New Guineans and not to mention, paying taxes to the Government.
The Government’s help in rectifying this matter will help greatly in terms of fair competition among the companies and individuals that are providing internet services.

Thomas Bruno Yetuin