Explore other options, avoid prostitution


I AM writing in response to The National’s story yesterday ‘Charlie making a fortune from watermelon farm’.
I believe sex workers can learn a thing or two from this story.
This is to avoid incidents such as the recent one in which one was raped and almost killed.
Prostitution should not be promoted or legalised.
It is absolutely a lazy way of earning a living with no respect to Christian values.
We have land that is good for growing crops.
Youths should engage in agriculture and start investing in their futures.

Jimmy Banz
Nine Mile – Turf Club

One thought on “Explore other options, avoid prostitution

  • To live in the shores of Papua New Guinea and to live as a citizen of Papua New Guinea, there shouldn’t be any excuses of selling yourself to earn a living. Having saying this because God Yahweh has blessed us with the so many resources whether in terms of renewable and non-alike. We are very fortunate that the ownership of the land is more favorable to the customary. Unlike some other countries, PNG’s customary landowners own more than 75% of the land while government owns less than 25%.
    Therefore, we must sweat our guts to till the land and survive rather than selling yourself to survive. If you find it hard to live in the city, fine you should go back home.
    There is no place for laziness in this earth.

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