Explorer who went missing apologises for causing panic


EXPLORER Benedict Allen has apologised to his family for the worry he caused them when he went missing in Papa New Guinea.
The 57-year-old was on a journey to discover the Yaifo tribe when he got caught up in a tribal battle.
He spent three weeks in a remote area and is now suffering from malaria.
After being found in the jungle by a Daily Mail helicopter, he used a satellite phone to call his wife Lenka.
He reportedly said: “I’m so sorry I’ve put you through this, Linky. “I’ve been missing you and fighting every inch of the way to get back to you and the family.
“I never quite gave up. Thanks for not giving up on me.”
Allen said he was looking to meet the tribe 30 years after discovering them for the first time.
“No outsider has made the journey to visit them since the rather perilous journey I made as a young man three decades ago,” Allen said.
“This would make them the remotest people in Papua New Guinea, and one of the last people on the entire planet who are out-of-contact with our interconnected world.”
After three days with them, he ran into trouble.
Without a mobile phone or GPS device and weak with malaria, he found himself stranded in the Kewa Valley.
His family became concerned after he failed to board a flight back home via Hong Kong on Sunday.
It was revealed he stumbled into a tribal fight, and was getting help from friendly locals to avoid the area.
Steve Ballantyne, a TV location producer, told The Times: “He had walked into a tribal battle, however then he was helped by the local community to circumnavigate (the area), which is why it took so much longer to reach safety.
“He explained that he was not feeling too well and he has got a fever so he suspects he may have malaria but otherwise, generally, he is pretty good.”
His agent Jo Sarsby said in a statement on Friday: ‘We can confirm that Benedict Allen has been evacuated by helicopter and is now safe in Port Moresby.
“He is reported as feverish with suspected malaria.
Benedict looks forward to being reunited with his family and friends but will need some time to get back to full health.
“He would like to send thanks for all the kind messages he has received.”  – Metro.co.uk